Domestic Violent Extremist Bill HB 1333 In Legislature Again!


Updated 2/19/24

By Cindy Alia

This bill is dead for this session, and deservedly so as it is the most discriminatory bill ever produced by legislators.  This is the kind of bill that would have ripped our society apart and was never worth consideration let alone the waste of resources and time spent on preparing it.  As an electorate we must do better at seeing principled candidates who recognize the differences between right and wrong elected regardless of party affiliation. 

For the time being this is not legally the society we reside in, but the bill raises the question is this where we reside philosophically?  Could a majority or all of the bill sponsors actually consider this sort of state policy the best route to take in healing differences we live with?  Could the attorney general, Bob Ferguson, who proposes to be the Governor of the state govern under the premise proposed in this law?  Considering the zeal with which he proposed this law there is nothing to say he would not.

This bill censors thought and behavior, labels it, and then targets those who dare think or behave in ways that particular organizations disagree with or approve of.  You must read the original bill, and then read how it was toned down but still a dangerous bill for all citizens.  

HB 1333 was written because of a "study" done at the behest of some legislators, and carried out by Bob Ferguson, the state attorney general.  You can read that study here and should because it lets you know the thinking and basis for this bill.  

This bill is the nightmarish result of what Bob Ferguson considers sweet dreams.  Orwell has nothing on this man, do we truly want a man in leadership governmental positions such as Attorney General or Governor that would treat those he should serve in ways this bill proposes? 

Dangerous lines to cross, we will not be well served by following the lead of dividers and haters.  This is the United States, we should be united not divided.  Government is ill equipped in this bill to accomplish any good will in this state.  Lets not think in the ways Bob Ferguson and the sponsors of this bill think, but rather:

Love is but a song we sing
And fear's the way we die.
You can make the mountains ring
Or make the angels cry.
Though the bird is on the wing
And you may not know why.



January 16, 2024