SF Bay Area Chapter of CAPR 


Why is the sun setting on our liberty in the

Bay Area?



Regional and State Agencies are subverting the authority of your local Mayor and City Council by developing a 25 year plan that would severely restrict where you live and how you travel while significantly increasing your cost of living in the Bay Area

Words like

Sustainable Development, Smart Growth, Going Green 

Could be harmful to your property rights

Is there anything I can do about it?

You can educate yourself on what is happening to erode your private property rights and then get involved with our organization.  Join our email list to receive ACTION ALERTS and NEWSLETTERS.  We have active PROPERTY RIGHTS TEAMS in each county in the Bay Area.  We could use your help in turning these devastating policies around at the local level.

Your city council and mayor hold the key to restoring property rights to their rightful place in your community.



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