King County CAPR is dedicated to the protection of private property and the rights of property owners.

The King County Chapter meets at 7:00 PM on the first Thursday of each month at the Issaquah IHOP Restaurant located at 1433 NW Sammamish Rd. in Issaquah. Consider coming early for dinner and conversation.

The founders of America and the State of Washington understood that without an individual right to own and control property, no other rights can be protected from government tyranny. Homes, personal possessions, personal safety, unrestricted travel and free speech are all placed in jeopardy once government has established the power to control or confiscate private property through general edict.

Property rights are really human rights and the very foundation of a free society. That is why the founders included the Fifth Amendment in the federal constitution and Article 1, Section 16 the Washington State constitution. Secure property rights have been a major cornerstone of the American experiment that has resulted in the highest standard of living and the most personal freedom of any people in the history of the world.

Therefore our MISSION is to protect property rights by:

  • Establishing a single coordinated voice dedicated to preserving and protecting property rights.
  • Electing legislators pledged to protect, not destroy, property rights and electing judges pledged to uphold our constitutionally guaranteed right to own and control property.
  • Promoting legislation to preserve and protect property rights while opposing excessively burdensome legislation.
  • Reducing regulatory cost of living in Washington State.

Ben Kuehmichel: Billboard rules infringe on property rights

I agree that billboards often are an eyesore. Yet limiting or preventing billboards is an assault on the owner’s property rights.

Since when does “harming the beauty of the region” trump a landowne


Constantine reform of DDES: fixed fees rather than hourly rates and new customer service unit for ru

No hourly rate increase as envisioned in most recent budget

More property owners will have the certainty of knowing their permit fees up front, and rural property owners will be the focus of a new


Rural property owners win one

Almost four years ago, urban area members of the King County Council launched an outrageous assault on property owners in the unincorporated areas of rural King County.

Over opposition from some o


Misguided land-use regulations push middle class out of King County

Does it surprise you to know that the middle class is getting squeezed out of King County? Probably not. Latest figures from the King County Annual Growth Report show the middle class dwindling to 45.


County code enforcement riles owners of businesses

Battling cancer for the third time, a dying John Hokenson fought King County's orders to close his home business.

Citing a code violation, the county told Hokenson that his RV-storage business, wh


Permitting process is altered

The Metropolitan King County Council voted on Monday to give the hearing examiner authority to hear complaints about fees charged for processing land-use and building permits.


UW study: Rules add $200,000 to Seattle house price

Backed by studies showing that middle-class Seattle residents can no longer afford the city's middle-class homes, consensus is growing that prices are too darned high.


"Nothing is ours which another may deprive us of." —Thomas Jefferson

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